Thursday, September 13, 2007


Funnily enough it was warm and sunny when we were leaving Dublin.Perhaps that sun was the reason why our assorted motley crue of Londoners,Glaswegians and Montrealians almost missed the train to Belfast..
When we did mention that to a friendly fella in the guards carriage where we stashed our bikes we have been told:don't worry,this is Irish Rail-its like Jamaica.
The only event on the train worth mentioning is James Tait showing off missing chunks of flesh on his leg.Yum.

Couple of hours to explore lovely Belfast city or rather to explore the way from the train station to the ferry terminal.
Some interesting views.

And northern irish CCTV cameras must be made of gold...

Millportpoloco(or rather Millpocalypse as it will be called since this year) as usually was fantastic fun.
Friday nite street keirin ended up with a traditional crash(not me this time) as well as a visit from local authorities.
Coppers were so nice that they not only let us finish the race(going wrong way on the Park Circus and its friday nite-drunken pedestrians,occasional car or two,pretty dark etc) but also stayed to watch the final 4 laps and the crash
The island of Great Cumbrae is where the actual Millpocalypse was held.Green and rainy/sunny as usually.And sooo drunken.
So what have changed then sice last year?
Millport constabulary discovered us.We were visited several times-nudity and drinking in public.No arrests.
Whiskeys at THE TAVERN went up to £1.30.
No pirate alleycat this year,pier jump and skid skittles instead.
After hours of rain the camp site turned into proper swamp-i was the only loser (or maybe winner) who paid for dry and warm bed&(missed)breakfast
Those photos should give you a hint of the atmosphere on that weekend.

Paul is performing his naked pier jump.

Strathclyde Constabulary watching street keirin,Park Circus Velodrome.

On the way back towards the ferry landing brief stop over to perform some acrobatics and to have police called on us for the last time...

...and to watch beautiful views from the beach.

Makka playing trackstanding darts at Johnny Foxe's pub in West Kilbride.

If you want to read the results and see more photos of madness,drunken messengers,bicycles etc GO HERE.
If you want to see what the island of great cumbrae actually looks like,have a look at those shots.


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