Sunday, September 09, 2007

Cycle Messengers World Championships in Dublin

So those brave london couriers who felt that Londons Calling wasn't quite enough arrived in Dublin to show the world HOW WE DO IT LONDON STYLE.
I counted 35 londoners and Im sure i must have ommited someone.Anyway,that is remarkable attendance considering how apathetic we really are and how few of us actually leave the Cockney Land to go to any messenger event that is any farther than Benthall Green.
Some people drove,some rode(im being told that from over 40 people who embarked from london fields only 19 made it riding their bikes all the way to dublin-respect to all who finished the ride!!!),some flew,but most of us choose the easy way-train/ferry.
The messenger stream trickled slowly from Euston to Holyhead and then Dublin over 4 days.The highlists of those trips are definitely one london mess who left his passport at home, another one who decided to get plastered on the ferry and left his fellow travellers with no choice than carry him from the ferry port to the town with frequent vomit stops.Oh,and one more who was convinced that London isnt big enough to have more than one airport.Well done lads!!!
Now the racing.As usually we stuck to the traditional London way of doing those things-2 out of nearly 40 londoners qualified to the finals.Not too bad.
Those two were:

THERESE who was third female overall

and JOS.

The rest of us happily sat around looking at the blue sky...

...or chatting about dockets,crap controllers and road works in West End...

...or dancing(or attempting to)...

...or doing that essential shopping...

...or smiling...

...or trying to decide whether to ride or not to ride...

...or emptying paints...

...or just being in general one-hundred-percent-two-fingers-in-the-air mood...

...or helping Glasgow messengers with their dental problems.

All happy,blissfull and euphoric bunch.Untill three things appeared.

The first thing was rain.

The second thing was ...more rain.

The third thing to appear was the Old Bill.

Who told everyone to fuck off.So we all did.Some of us back to London.And some to Glasgow City.Via Belfast.


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