Friday, July 06, 2007

A little bit more about black cab drivers

This is pretty much continuation of my angry post from few days ago.Well,now,you know what I do think about London's black cab drivers.I reckon that my view is shared by every single person who works on a bicycle in London.And quite possibly by most of the people who do cycle in London.
But what does the average person think of London cabbies?Does Johnny Average like them?
Discovery Channel somehow managed to research that driving a black cab in London is the toughest job in the UK.Read more here.Now,that explains why are they so grumpy and violent.
Being a cycle messenger wasn't in the top 10 of shit jobs.Can't be that bad then....Bet that the next research will prove that they are underpaid too...Poor people.
Anyone familiar with the name Bill Bryson?I really like his writing,well most of it.This bit is taken from his book "Notes from a small island":
"Let me say right now that London cab drivers are,without question,the finest in the world.They're trustworthy,safe,generally friendly,always polite."
That pretty much sums it up.Very nice,hard working bunch.And safe too.
Well,not if you are a cyclist though."Notes from a small island" has got a simply scary bit about forcing a cyclist to ride into a lamppost.Page 44 in my edition from 1999.
Are you cycling Mr. Bryson?Too old and too fat?How about your kids?Or perhaps grand kids?Why not then let them have a little go on london's streets.Just a short ride.I'm sure within first 10 minutes someone will run their spotless,friendly,trustworthy and safe black cab into them.Someone who's driving skills are so superior that no indication or mirror check is needed.Oh and Mr Bryson,don't forget to check that your offspring does not wear helmets.We all know that 'those geeky slipstream helmets(...)all but invite you to knock him/her over".Scientifically proved too.
Now,don't take me wrong.I certainly don't think that every single one of london cabbies is a complete nutcase.judging by their road manners only about every 5 in 10.Also i have to say one thing:I have never ever been cut off or U- turned on by a female black cab driver.Shame there is so few of them.


Blogger jezzabell said...

i think nobody likes taxi drivers - i can`t say about female but i bet they are more careful - but being a passenger of a van almost two years now i can say that none of the drivers i worked with loves (something opposite to i would say) and if you want me to be honest i really watch what is surrounding me and i think i can say that about 8 in 10 taxi drivers will cut your way if you drive in front of him ha this is only my experience i wanted to share good day to all people in london and everywhere else

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