Monday, September 17, 2007


Just a couple of sentences about my favourite city.
Anyone have heard about Put Buckfast Into Plastic Bottles Campaign?
Well,if they will manage to convince bucki monks to do that,it isn't all lost just yet.
Every single Glaswegian tells me that IrnBru tastes much better from a glass bottle than from a can or plastic.No need then to spend a wee fortune on a bottle of FuckedFast just because you feel like slashing someones face.
Ladies and Gentlemen!First ever lethal weapon which in case you don't feel like breaking someones face could be exchanged for a 20 pence coin at any shop.
Ladies and Gentlemen! A bottle of Ginger.

Sheer shock after Dublin prices.55 pence a can of lager at G.G.'s offy!!! Sure its not 555 pence?

Tough weather conditions mean that your bike needs that tender attention.On display is a wide array of tools used by scottish mechanics.

Glasgow messenger's tools of trade.

Mac Tse-Tung?Nope,Wee Red Book is about football.

And massive THANK YOU to everyone in The City Of Glasgow who made every of me visits there so memorable.
Everyone:messengers,messengers' friends,messengers' parents etc etc.You guys rock!So does your city!
And here are pictures of Glasgow i took while knocking out those few wee jobs(thanx again Brian) i managed to knock out.


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