Saturday, October 07, 2006


"Weekend away in Scotland....5 hours trip on the train wasnt that boring at all,thanks to some texan dude asking me questions about direct trains from glasgow to athens etc...
meeting the rest of the london crew at glasgow central.its pissing down with rain so we are off to the pub for few pints and veggie haggis.shortly moving to another pub-which is the meeting point for tonites race.catching up with old friends and making new ones.
Started racing with a big bang(literally)by crashing into a parked car during the street kierin on park circus.bend the shit out my bike,bruised myself enough to be unable to sleep on my left side for next 3 weeks...dont remember who won it and you cant blame me for it-too busy bending back my forks and trying to figure out am i still alive...

Next day off to the island of great cumbrae where the main event is happening-millportpoloco.gave up on the time trail around the island.instead hanging out by the start/finish(next to very smelly public toilet,any explanation Xander?),eating deep fried pizzas and thinking how my self-turning-to-the-right-bike may be good for riding wrong way on the velodrome.
time trials winners are Brian and Justyna(ex shitty sprint rider who now lives in glasgow).more drinking,more deepfried fat.trying to set up my tent....

night of camping by the bonfire,cant recall much.most likely due to many £1 whiskies at the local pub.hangover of the century didnt stop me from entering the Pirate Alleycat.ride up the hill nearly gave me heart attack,shot of cheapo whiskey made me puke again but theres only as much as hungover messenger can do -swiming to the next island was just too much for me.

hanging out on the shore,waiting for swimmers to return(some of them barely made it back),munching on chips from The Crocodile Chippy.loooong ride back to the ferry terminal in pissing down rain.waiting for the last boat and watching randall smashing up his carbon fibre frame...hmmm.
im definitely coming back next year.
Xander's Millportpoloco site is here
my pictures are here


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